Taxes - Notice and Report

Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington and Puerto Rico

Per legislation following the decision of Wayfair v. South Dakota, it was determined that remote retailers (like this website) are not responsible for charging sales tax to purchases made outside of their home state unless they have nexus in that state (i.e. physical location, threshold of sales, etc.).  Furthermore, some states require that remote retailers advise customers that they are responsible for use tax within their own states.  If you are outside of the state of North Carolina, you may notice that you were not charged sales tax on your order.  If you are from one of the states listed above, you may be responsible for reporting use tax on your income tax statement.  This business may also be responsible for reporting your transactions to your place of residence IF you meet the threshold for reporting.  Please consult your state tax authority or a tax expert if you need more information.